Manage your money the way you want.

Common reasons why people choose self-managed super funds:

  • Control – you get to make the decisions
  • Choice – you get to actively manage how and where your super fund money is invested
  • Costs – no hidden costs
  • Direct Property – you can invest in residential and commercial property

If you have a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), or are contemplating establishing one, there are a lot of questions you need answered.

  • Should I be setting up a SMSF and what will it mean to me and my super?
  • Can I use the assets of my SMSF to benefit my business?
  • Who can be in the SMSF?
  • What do I need to do to keep the SMSF compliant?
  • What assets can the SMSF buy?
  • Can the SMSF borrow money to purchase assets?
  • What should I be doing to make the most out of my SMSF?

We can help you answer these and any other questions you may have with respect to self-managed super funds.

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